3 Superhero Exercises You Can Do at Home (Workout Video Inside)

3 Superhero ExercisesYou Can Do At Home

Isn’t it weird how all the big blockbusters these days are superhero movies? But hey, those guys are in pretty good shape, right? Call us crazy, but we think they’re on to something.

You should get in on the action with these 3 superhero exercises. 

#1 – The Superman

This move is great for strengthening your upper back, your lower back, and your glutes. There are plenty of exercises out there that focus on core muscles, but a strong core is no good if you don’t support it with a strong back. 

To do the Superman, lie down on your belly with your arms and legs spread out in front/behind you. Then, raise your arms and legs all together and hold them in the air. Repeat.

#2 – The Spiderman

This one is basically a crunch wrapped in a pushup. Not only does it work all of your core muscles, it adds an extra workload to your arms and chest.

To do the Spiderman, get down on all fours with your arms and legs straight, feet together, arms shoulder width apart (like the start of a pushup). Then, keeping your arms straight, take your right knee and bring it up to your right hand. Repeat with your left knee/hand.

Like a super-powered pushup, right?

#3 – The Batman

This move adds extra workload to your arms and legs, and it’s a nice way to add some variety to your upper back and lower back work.

To do the Batman, start doing the Superman. Then, while your arms and legs are in the air, swing your arms back like a pair of wings. Set down your arms and legs, then repeat.

Home Workout Video

Warm up and cooldown

Remember to do a 5 – 10 min Dynamic warm-up before you start the workout and a 5-10 min cooldown after.

Workout: 20/10 tabatas (work 20 sec, rest 10 sec) for 4 minutes per exercise. Rest 1 min after each circuit.

  1. Superman
  2. Spiderman
  3. Batman

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