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Attention Brackenfell Weight Loss Seekers:

Do You Want to Burn Fat 7-9 Times Faster than Traditional Weight Loss Programs AND Have Fun Doing It?

At ForeverStrong PT…


Burn Fat, Tone Your Body to Perfection, Gain Loads of Energy and Have an Absolute Blast While You’re Doing It!


From Kevin Anderson
Owner of ForeverStrong PT
Brackenfell personal training studio

Dear Friend:

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for taking the time to review this information page about my Brackenfell personal training studio.

Can I start, by asking you a few questions?  Questions that I’ve had to ask myself in the past…

Are you tired of being out of breath running after your kids on the playground or in the back yard?

Do you want to feel totally confident in your swimsuit and look great at the beach this year?

Would you like to try a fitness program that solves these concerns without the risk of wasting your precious time and hard-earned money?

Well, Right Now You Can Get a Body Diagnostic and Personal Training Session ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Keep reading to find out how…

Hello!  My name is Kevin Anderson and I’m the owner of ForeverStrong PT in Vredekloof, Brackenfell – home of the premier Brackenfell weight loss and fitness personal training program… 

Unlike a lot of other Brackenfell personal trainers, I didn’t just jump on the weight loss and fitness bandwagon.  Fitness and good health have been a passion of mine for almost my whole life!

In fact, I actually started out as an overweight teenager, although they said I was “bulky” to make me feel better about it.  

Well, the truth was, I was extremely self-conscious about my body and it caused me a lot of pain. Fortunately, I had very supportive parents who never saw me as fat.  One day my dad asked me if I wanted to go to gym with him, and that essentially was the beginning of my weight loss and fitness education journey…

I’d spent years helping thousands of people reach their weight loss and fitness goals through my personal training programs.  However, I realized it was limiting because I could only help a finite number of people with the time I had available.

I knew that I had a program that guaranteed weight loss and fitness results because I’d seen it happen countless times, but I wanted to help more people achieve that same goal.

After years of research and practical application, I decided to start my own weight loss and fitness personal training studio called ForeverStrong PT.

Through my Brackenfell TEAM training program, I’m able to work and educate so many people of various fitness levels and backgrounds at the same time on good nutrition, health and fitness.  I would love for you to be the our next successful transformer!

At ForeverStrong you can…

  • Burn fat 9X faster than traditional programs and tone every area of your body
  • Get healthier than you’ve been in years
  • Feel sexier than you’ve felt in years
  • Gain self-confidence so you can hold your head high when you walk into a room or walk along the beach in a slinky bathing suit
  • Set a good example for your children by getting your body in the best health and shape of your life!

A lot of people who come to me are worried about the years they have left and the health (or lack of it) they’re in because they’ve let their weight become uncontrollable.  Many parents with children also feel bad about the example they’re setting by being overweight and not teaching good nutrition to their kids.

ForeverStrong PT addresses all that and more!

Take a closer look at THE ForeverStrong PT program…

  • Scientifically-designed workouts proven to elevate metabolism for over 36 hours for some serious fat burn!
  • 3 Fitness levels with a variety of exercises for every level, including alternates for common limitations.  
  • A continuous list of done-for-you meal plans with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes.  Yummy!
  • Nutrition advice, personal development and behavior change mentoring help you maintain your results for life.
  • Strong social support from members and fitness instructors in a friendly, family-life atmosphere so you know you’re not alone

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I could go on about how my personal training program has helped thousands of people celebrate their weight loss and fitness goals, but why don’t you hear from those people yourself…

Testimonial Picture of Natasja Labuschagne (1)
Testimonial Picture of Natasja Labuschagne (2)
“I have lost 18kg of fat and total of 47cm!”

In April 2012 I separated from my husband and had gained 11kgs from being miserable all the time. After getting separated I decided to join the gym to keep myself occupied through this tough emotional time, move my focus and lose weight at the same time. I used to be fit when I was younger and thought it would be easy…I wasn’t too fat or too unfit in my own mind. The lady that signed me up suggested a personal trainer and that’s how I met Kevin Anderson.

I started training with Kevin in July 2012, which is almost a year ago. Kevin motivated me to do better than just being occupied with something… He gave me diet tips, eating plans and some days nearly killed me. I was so sore some days and got very despondent. He just kept at it, motivating me and encouraging me. I have lost 18kg of fat and 32cm.

Natasja Labuschagne
Testimonial Picture of Elmari Burger (1)
Testimonial Picture of Elmari Burger (2)
“Elmari have lost 32kg offat and a total of 82 cm! ”

For as long as I can remember I have had problems with my weight. I was told “it’s in my genes” but I have always been fully aware of my obsession with food. I am what you call an “emotional eater”. I celebrated with food and I would find comfort with food. So no matter how I was feeling, I was eating! I have been “on diet” since I can remember. Name a product I have tried it. Weigh-Less (I joined 3 times), Herbalife, injections, pills, starvation, shakes, Atkins, machines that exercise while you lie strapped to them, pads all over my body shocking me, cabbage diets, dieticians and many more.

I even joined the gym a few times. I would lose 10kg and hit a plateau, get despondent and comfort with food. This was my pattern for the last 20 years. The result: I would gain the 10kg I lost and put on an extra 5, only to repeat this pattern over and over. When 2012 came around I was at a point where I thought to myself “ok – this is me – the fat, funny girl”. I would be the life of any party. Bold and loud mouthed: strange behavior for someone who was as insecure as I was. In retrospect, I realize I was overcompensating for that insecurity by acting as if my body did not bother me. I would say that people should accept me as I was, which is funny, because I didn’t accept myself.The reality is that overweight people are judged by society. It’s not fair, but it’s true.When I tipped the scales at a whopping 105.7kg .I realised this cannot continue. I don’t want to live like this. Always suffering from fatigue, aching legs and back pain, all as a result of carrying excess weight.

I tried to lose some weight on my own, re-joined Weigh-Less and lost about 9kg. When I plateaued again, I realised that I had to get moving if I wanted to lose the rest of the weight. Unfortunately (and fortunately), I am not one of those people that can go to a gym and do my own thing. I need someone to push me, tell me what to do. This is where Kevin comes in. I signed up with Kevin in July 2012 and that is where my journey truly began. It has not been an easy journey, make no mistake. Juggling life as a single mom is not easy, throw into the mix a very demanding job and starting a new relationship. It’s safe to say there were times I just wanted to throw in the towel, but for some reason, I stuck it out. I had and still do have an amazing support system and when my friends, family and colleagues all started noticing a change, this motivated me to keep going.

I could probably have reached my goal if I had stuck 100% to the eating plan – but as I have said to Kevin – life is too short, I want to enjoy my life – I don’t want to be one of those girls that exercises 7 days a week and when going out to dinner, orders a lettuce leaf. So it has been almost a year now and it’s been hard but I have continuously managed to lose weight – I am now 32kg lighter. Kevin (and I) get results because he keeps changing the routines. He makes it interesting and, (words I never thought I would ever say) he makes exercise fun. He is always ready to give advice and even more ready to encourage and motivate me. I hit a bad patch during December 2012 and gained some weight, but when January 2013 rolled around Kevin just said “let’s start again”. I still have some way to go – but I am less than 5kg from my goal, and by that I mean a healthy weight for me. Not what the medical profession goes on, your BMI. I am a female of 42 years with a big bone structure and am short – I would look sick if I have to weigh the 42kg the BMI system expects me to weigh. So find your number – where you will feel comfortable with yourself, and make that your goal weight.

Elmari Burger
I have an amazing support system
Testimonial Picture of Nicola Le Roux (1)
Testimonial Picture of Nicola Le Roux (2)
“Nicola have lost 6kg of fat and a total of 20cm!”

Nicola has lost 6kg and 20cm and Has Become an Inspiration to Others

“Since joining ForeverStrong P.T. I’ve lost 6kilograms so far and a total of 20cm!! I wanted to lose weight but what I didn’t expect was to really enjoy working out. I have never done exercise on a regular basis before this program. I look forward to every session knowing I am doing something wonderful for me.

Kevin is a great personal trainer and a motivating person. He works with beginners to experts and modifies the workout to match every level. The people in the classes are regular people with every shape and size doing their own personal best. I know I can achieve all my new fitness goals by continuing with metabolic training. It’s a regular part of my life now. I’m more motivated than ever to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. It has been a truly awesome experience!”

Nicola Le Roux
It has been a truly awesome experience!

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Look, I know you may be skeptical about trusting another personal trainer.  There are too many wannabe personal trainers out there who are doing it for all the wrong reasons. That’s what makes my program so different than anything else you’ll find.

At ForeverStrong PT  I use my years of experience and training to give you a high-powered workout (that you CAN handle) that will have you burning more fat faster than you will in any traditional weight loss program. You’ll also be a part of a community of transformers who are reaching for the same goal as you, so you’re never alone!  That’s one of the coolest parts of the program.  

ForeverStrong PT gives you a 60-minute workout geared toward helping you achieve rapid fat loss with scientifically designed training protocols that have been PROVEN to help you burn fat faster and in greater amounts than other conventional programs.  In fact, the research says you’ll burn 7-9 times more fat using our training protocols!

In case all that is not enough to convince you to give ForeverStrong PT a try, here is a secret I bet you won’t hear from other fitness trainers…

I struggle with my weight just like you!

A lot of trainers are just naturally fit, but most “regular” people have to work to get a firm and sexy body.  My fitness level doesn’t happen by accident.  I fight the same battle you do every day to keep my weight at a healthy level and my body toned and strong.  When I’m programming for you, I’m programming for me, too.  We’re in this together!

It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone has a particular part of their body that bothers them and they want to work on.

  • Saggy butt?
  • Flying squirrel arms?
  • Flabby belly?
  • Thunder thighs?

Whatever body part bothers you most, you’ll benefit from having a whole body workout that my ForeverStrong program provides. You’ll incinerate fat while toning your body and getting stronger!

But my program is more than that…

I personally guarantee you will LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT AND BE GREAT because I provide you with an efficient and effective program that is safe and fun.

I’m going to set you up with all the tools you need to succeed.  

Weight loss is more than just cutting calories and doing endless repetitions on gym equipment.  Only a total body, 360- degree approach will give you optimal fitness and weight loss that will last you a lifetime. 

ForeverStrong PT in Brackenfell  will guarantee you achieve your goal!

Go Ahead.  Schedule Your Session when it’s Convenient for You!

Think you don’t have enough time to workout?  Guess again.

ForeverStrong PT has multiple session times and 60-minute workouts that fit even the busiest person’s life.

ForeverStrong PT Schedule

Pick a time out of our list of daily sessions that is right for you.   In no time at all you’ll look forward to coming to your training session because you’ll feel energized, meet friendly people and have loads of fun!

I know you’ve probably tried other programs in the past that left you feeling frustrated.   Not all programs are run the same way, and some just aren’t worth your time or money!

I want you to know that what you’re getting from ForeverStrong PT is real value that will give you real results! That’s why I’m prepared to give you this special offer!


Join ForeverStrong PT for a Body Diagnostic and personal training session (valued at R499) absolutely FREE!

You’ll receive a nutrition consultation, body fat test and a personal training session. It won’t cost you a dime.  No pressure, no hard feelings.  Fair enough?

ForeverStrong PT programs works.  I’ve seen it work for hundreds of people over the years.  It will work for you too!


Or Call 021 982 7927

ForeverStrong PT shakes things up and make things fun!  You’ll never be bored with a ForeverStrong workout.  We’re continually providing cutting-edge boot camp workouts, education and support.

Isn’t it time for you to shake things up? Lose that extra weight, increase your self-confidence and be healthier than ever!

    • Feel sexy in your new skinny jeans or little black dress!  Guys, you can rock a tight t-shirt.  ;-b
    • Enjoy the feeling of knowing you not only feel great, but you look fabulous!
    • Set a good example for your children and teach them good health and nutrition while you burn fat!


Or Call 021 982 7927

Dedicated to your Success!

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Owner – ForeverStrong PT, Brackenfell

PS. I’m offering you the chance to get a Body Diagnostic and personal training session absolutely FREE! Where else can you do that, have fun, gain loads of energy and feel great?

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