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 This is what Basil had to say about his journey here with us at ForeverStrong


“In December 2012 I decided that I need to make a drastic life change, being a 28 year old male, on chronic medication for hypertension and overweight with a high body fat content, I realized I’m putting myself at risk for heart disease, diabetes and other life threatening illnesses I needed this change to happen immediately.

I started looking online and came across Foreverstrong personal training,  I realized that I needed personal training more than I thought, going to the gym was a chore and I hated every minute…First I had to miss my favorite TV shows, look for parking, wait for equipment and then stand around aimlessly wasting time and eventually just walking out. I never really knew how to train properly; I would just go there to run, cycle, and row just for the sake of going. I never noticed any results which de-motivated me more.

Then I started at Foreverstrong

My first day was crazy, I was jumping , running, squatting and doing all these “strange” exercises, then the trainer said  “that was just the warmup”. I thought this man was insane and doesn’t he know I can’t do this much exercise?!?  So I said, this isn’t for me. The next morning I woke up and was so sore, I don’t know what hit me and realized this is a good sore and what do I have to lose by joining?   (a lot of weight I know.) That’s the day I made the change J


It’s been 9 months now, I feel better, look better, I’m much healthier and to my fiancés advantage I snore less  (lol).

After the first 6 months :

  • I lost 14kilograms of fat                                                              

  •  Built 5kg of lean muscle (usually it takes 1 year to build 5kg lean muscle)

  • And lost a total of 20cm around your waist and belly button


My life has changed for the better, the coaches at Foreverstrong designed a specific plan for me, its not easy to follow but I was tired of the “best’ diets everybody had to offer…which just resulted in more weight gain?? This is the biggest frustration. I learnt to make life changes and not to diet, I no longer crave all the foods I used to, I don’t have difficulty getting up in the morning anymore. My blood pressure used to constantly be high (165/90 or 160/95) which isn’t healthy at any age, now I have it checked regularly (130/70). The tests don’t lie.

I feared I had to give up all foods and stop having a great time and just eat boring “health” food, I was wrong. I was also afraid that I won’t be able to keep up with the training and will eventually drop out of class, that was until Kevin ,(Mr Foreverstrong) helped me get past the mental plateaus that stopped me from doing my best and training at high intensity.

I enjoy the family atmosphere that Foreverstrong has, you are grouped with people of the same fitness level as you so training becomes bearable as we all work together.

So in closing…

If you feel that you can benefit from this environment and you feel that you have hit a brick wall, why not give just give it a try, you owe it to yourself. You’ve tried the diets, the get thin quick gimmicks, the motivational books, the “healthy” soups, the Dr Oz, the oprah…etc

Try something that really works…its guaranteed


Tears gets you sympathy, sweat gets you results 😉

Basil De Klerk.”

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Kevin Anderson – Owner of ForeverStrong

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