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If you want to shed some extra weight, while trimming and toning your body, consider attending a bootcamp in Durbanville. Boot camps are run by personal trainers who often use very little equipment to achieve great results. The trainer first assesses each participants fitness level, learns their goals and special needs, then designs individual programs for each person.

You’ll all be doing the same exercise but at differing levels of intensity, with different forms and numbers of repetitions.

It may look like everyone is doing the same exercise, with the occasional participant using a different form, such as bent knee rather than regular push-ups, however, each person is working on his or her own goal. Some people will be doing the exercises faster and have many more repetitions than others. Those people are fitter, so their program will be harder. Each person is working toward their own personal goal. That means each person is working their hardest. No one is ever bored or feels left behind.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp.

Since everyone is working his or her hardest there’s plenty of comradery. Each person understands just how hard it is to reach personal goals, so you’ll often hear words of encouragement and sometimes cheers when someone accomplishes a difficult task. There’s also lots of laughter and fellowship as the members of the boot camp become friends and bond while getting fit in the process.

You’ll get the benefit of a personal trainer at a fraction of the price of private sessions.

Private sessions have advantages, but you’ll get many of those advantages when you workout at a boot camp. The difference is that boot camps cost far less. While there are others in the group, that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting excellent advice. You’ll still get the attention to detail and a personalized workout program from a personal trainer. As you progress and become fitter, the trainer will make adjustments to your workout to reflect that improved fitness level so you’ll always be working at your hardest. The group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, making it far less expensive per person.

You’ll learn a wide variety of different exercises and never be bored. Not only will the variety make it more interesting, it also helps prevent plateauing.

You’ll learn how to do each exercise correctly. When you have the wrong form for any exercise, it can cause injury, like a pulled muscle or make the exercise less effective.

You’ll have plenty of motivation at a boot camp. Not only will the trainer provide it, so will the other participants. You’ll be missed if you don’t attend and others will notice if you’re trying to glide through the exercise without putting in the effort.

People often make great friends at boot camps and find workout partners that extend far beyond the time they spend at boot camp.

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