Congratulations to Kate Crumpton for being our client of the month at Brackenfell in February! Keep up the hard work and determination!!

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“Well for me, I have always been the big girl. Yes, I played sport at school and for a short while after, but then I got lazy and sport and exercise became a hassle. Life also happened – marriage, baby, divorce – Yes, Yes, Yes, I know, that shouldn’t be an excuse.

I joined a gym and did a few of the classes, as I just couldn’t deal with the boredom of the bikes or the treadmill (I would definitely be one of those people that trips while on the treadmill and goes flying off the other end – OMG, can you imagine). But that also didn’t last very long. It was all simply just too boring for me. And I just didn’t like the atmosphere. All these stuck up people posing in the mirrors – “does my bum look big from this angle?” … Bluh. So after having joined the gym, and wasting money on the membership, trying every diet I could find, even doing dancing (which I loved, but it just wasn’t doing anything for weight loss), I had almost given up hope of ever losing weight.

Then a friend told me about this 2-week free trial she had signed up for and I thought why not, let’s try it, what’s the worst that can happen … I don’t lose weight … Surprise surprise. Well at least I won’t be wasting money like the gym memberships. So it started mid October 2016. At the end of the 2-week free trial, I had lost 2.7kgs. I didn’t follow any specific diet, I just cut down my portions and tried to stay away from the sugary treats for those 2 weeks. Oh my word, what fun. I mean, this was the first thing that I’d ever tried where I actually saw results from day 1, plus the huge bonus of actually enjoying the workouts and meal plans at the same time.

Then I saw that there was a 6-week challenge happening and I just had to do it. It was a lot of money for me, but I made a plan and signed up. I wanted to lose 9kgs … I mean who wouldn’t. Plus, I could get my money back. What an awesome challenge. So I did the challenge, followed the meal plan to the T and lost a further 9.6kgs.

But before the 6-week challenge was over, I was hooked. So hooked that I ended up signing a year contract – Yikes, this was getting real now. I even told them that I didn’t want a break between my 6-week challenge and my 1-year contract, it must just keep going. I didn’t want to lose focus or momentum. I was on a roll. I continued to train throughout the festive season (sometimes twice a day, depending on how tough the class was 😉 ) and even managed to lose 2kgs over the 2 weeks of Xmas and New Year. Like really, who does that. Clearly I do.

So here I am, 20.9kgs down in 4 months. I have had so much support and encouragement from family and friends that I am really humbled. I have so many people following me on facebook and sending me messages that I have to continue this journey, not just for me but for them as well.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Kevin and the team at ForeverStrong, especially the coaches, who have been phenomenal in this journey so far. I cannot wait for the next couple of months to see how far I can push myself and where this fantastic journey will take me.”