Brackenfell Client Of The Month: Lisa Shenton


Congratulations to Lisa Shenton for being our client of the month at Brackenfell in January! Keep up the hard work and determination!!

In December 2016 I entered a competition that you were running and was very surprised when I received a call on 15th January 2016 to say I had won a six week transformation challenge.  I was very nervous and had no particular goals in mind, I was just aware that I was very unhealthy and slowly getting bigger by the day and something needed to be done.  I had tried every diet under the sun, including miracle pills, injections and even being hypnotised.

I have joined gyms before, bought treadmills, rowing machines, etc. all with good intentions but it is not easy to be motivated to exercise on your own – eventually all these machines collect dust and became “Clothes horses” before being sold on.

Lisa Shenton Before And After

There are several things that I love about Forever Strong:

  • the coaches are absolutely brilliant, full of motivation and know just how to push you enough when you need it;
  • no two days are the same – not only does the variety of exercises give you an all-over work-out but there is no boredom;
  • the nutritional plans are easy to follow – in fact I feel that there is too much food to eat;
  • training in a team, especially a buddy-workout, keeps me motivated and pushing myself harder;
  • the different levels of each exercise allowing us to move at our own pace – it is daunting to enter a gym when you are unfit, overweight and not able to manage the exercises.  If it had not been for “Level 1” I don’t think that I would have carried on and been where I am today;
  • the different challenges and competitions that we can enter;
  • the fun way in which exercising and being healthy is approached;

Initially I exercised in the evenings but life throws curves balls at us during the day and there were too many potential “excuses” to not make it to gym. I now get up an hour earlier each morning and am in the gym by 5:45am every day for my 45 minute workout.  This still gives me plenty of time to get home, shower, take my daughter to school and get to work.  It has now become such a part of my life that this is just part of my routine. It is also a lovely way to start the day as you feel completely energised.  I even found myself coming to the early class during the holidays.

I used to be addicted to standing on the scale to see if I had lost any weight – but due to the fact that I have dropped several dress sizes I now ignore the scale and just depend on the fit of my clothes. For me, counting each and every 100 grams becomes compulsive and if I happen to gain a little bit of weight I find it depressing which could derail me from the journey that I am on.

See the photos attached of my December 2015 pictures compared to a more recent picture.

I still have a way to go and am looking forward to my next year with Forever Strong.  I believe you have me as a customer for life as I do not want to go back to the way I was and eventually I have found something that works for me after the last 20 years of searching!

Thanks to you Kevin for creating this wonderful program and to all staff at Forever Strong!!