Have you ever done a 5k race?  If you haven’t, it’s likely you’ve thought about it. Perhaps you’ve even considered doing a 10k, a cycling ride, or a triathlon?

Before you say you “can’t” or you’re not interested, let’s dive in to some reasons why signing up for a local race could be beneficial to you.

Why Sign Up for a Race?

  • It gives you a new and/or additional goal to work toward
  • It helps boost motivation and commitment to exercise (“I don’t feel like running today but I’ve got my race coming up in two weeks so I’m going to get out there anyways.”)
  • It pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new
  • It tests your fitness abilities (Make it a tradition to do the same one each year and try and beat your time!)
  • It supports local charities (most races benefit a local cause)
  • It gets you involved in the Cape Town fitness community (it’s a great group of people!)
  • It gives you an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment after crossing the finish line after weeks or months of dedication to training and hard work


Goal setting is huge for bridging the road to success in all areas of life, including fitness and health.

One last thing… Encourage a friend to sign up with you.

Who knows, you may even inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle like you!

Are you IN for this week’s challenge!?

Leave a comment below and let us all know which race you are going to sign up for by the END of the week!