Congratulations to Jerelyne Henn for being our client of the month at Durbell in February! Keep up the hard work and determination!!


“I first thought of joining FSPT as part of looking for a new hobby, but in all honesty, I think it was more about forcing myself out of my introverted world. Another reason for joining was that I got addicted to this reality show and told myself it just isn’t ok to be that fat. FSPT ads kept showing up on my Facebook, so I took it as a sign and thought I’d get in contact with you and take it from there. I was really nervous about it in the beginning, but the coaches are amazing and I never feel alone in trying to reach my goals.”


My main goal is to feel comfortable in my body and getting fit, along with losing weight the healthy way of course. Over the last few months I’ve noticed my weight doesn’t yo-yo anymore and I have more energy. I feel awesome after working out and as an added bonus, clothes start looking better and shopping isn’t such a terrible thing anymore.


The main thing I love about FSPT is training with the friends I’ve made. If I can’t make it to a session, everyone will always ask the next day why you weren’t there and push you harder for that workout. I promised myself that I would train minimum 5 days a week. I tried the different time slots and found one I liked, so I stuck to it. Even if I have a day that I don’t feel like training, I still go simply because I don’t like letting myself (and my gym peoples) down.