Everyone Needs to Work Out. Even You.


Quick: picture a group of 20 people working out. Got that? Good.

What body types do you see in the room?

We’re guessing you see one of two options: either everyone is really fit and muscular, or everyone is overweight. Or at least, close to everyone.

Because only certain kinds of people do (or need to) work out, right?


The truth is everyone should be working out. Let’s look at a few reasons why.



Weight loss gets a lot of buzz, but it’s far from the only benefit of regular exercise. To give you a short list of other benefits, consider these:

  •     Healthier looking skin
  •     Better mood
  •     Better mood regulation
  •     Higher productivity
  •     Longer lifespan
  •     More brainpower
  •     Improved memory
  •     Stronger bones
  •     Tougher immune system
  •     Reduced cancer risk



“But I’m not an athlete or a model! What do I need muscles for?”

Story time:

We know a guy who used to be a Deep Sea diver – back in the days when they had to wear those giant metal helmets. These days, he owns his own business building swimming pools. As you can imagine, he’s been in great shape his whole life. That’ll be important later.

A few years back, he was on vacation with his family. They were riding around the sand dunes on 4 wheelers and – whoops – he took a bad turn and fell off his bike!

When he got up, he was fine. Mostly. Just had a slight kink in his neck. Still had it a few weeks later. Annoyed that the pain wouldn’t go away, he went in for a physical and got some unbelievable news.

His neck was broken. A cracked disk. He technically should’ve been paralyzed from the neck down.

Why wasn’t he?

The muscles in his neck were so strong that they held the shattered bones in place.

He’s gotten surgery since then. No lasting injury or side effects.

How do you feel about muscles now?



More energy from working out? Doesn’t working out make you tired?

Technically yes, but it comes with an awesome buzz and the tiredness only lasts a short while after the workout. Now compare that to being out of shape.

Not exercising comes with a lot of hidden costs. For example, the heavier you are, the more weight you have to deal with in your daily activities. And if your muscles are weak? That’s more exertion.

Sure, these things don’t seem like deal breakers when you’re pushing a shopping trolley or carrying around a stack of folders.

But they do stack up, and the end result is feeling just a little more tired than you need to every day.

Not only does exercise cut out all those factors that slow you down, it also helps your body release all sorts of hormones that keep you feeling happy and productive.



Friends, family, children – whoever the important people are, they’ll be inspired by your example.

Everyone, no matter where they are on the journey, could use more inspiration.

We are all constantly modeling our behavior off the people around us, especially the people we like. So when you exercise, you’re giving the important people a little psychological push to follow suit.

So do it for you AND do it for them.




Kevin Anderson – Owner of ForeverStrong

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